I am a home to butterflies

A captain sinks with his ship
then why cannot a lover?

This collection of poetry is all about you and me, but I am afraid it will no longer be about ‘you and me’ once a reader picks it up. It will then be about them only.

It will be all about the one they loved like thunder, about the one they struggled hard to keep, who had left them in the middle of their ‘forever’, about their world shattering into pieces, about them gluing together every piece, and about them falling in love one more time.

And if you still think it is about you and me, you haven’t loved someone like thunder, yet.

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मैं पहली बार छह: महीने पहले मिला था उस से. अख़बार डालने आता था वो हर दिन. फिर एक इतवार के रोज़ वो अख़बार के साथ साथ एक कहानी भी ले आया. मुझे सुनाने को. सुनते सुनते पता चला की वो कुछ पन्ने थे, जिन्हें वो उलटा पढ़ रहा था. एक कहानी में पिरो कर. एक कहानी जिसमें वक़्त पीछे की ओर भाग रहा था.

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Undelivered Letters


Aron, a postman with Marioson Postal Service, found an abandoned bag. It had a few letters that were supposed to be delivered – 20 years ago. He had a choice, either to deliver them now or abandon them forever. He chooses the former.

What were these letters all about? Who wrote them??
Who are the recipients? Do these letters still carry a value, after 20 years?

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The Highway Man


Dr. Rusenvelt, a physician cum psychiatrist receives a call. It is about a bestselling author who had created an illusion of fantasy around himself. The doctor is asked to bring him back to reality. However, he comes across a shock.

Rohan, broken on losing the love of his life, is driving on the highway. Suddenly a man intrudes in his life to place his broken pieces together. But Rohan has now another secret to witness.

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A Road Not Traveled


Niorgast Stinvins, grieving the separation of his love, receives an unknown call. On following the call he gets to know that he is not the only person who received the call. There are two others who received the same mysterious unknown call. Following the calls, the trio meets up in a closed room where they are attended by the visionary mastermind.

Meanwhile, a flashback of memories haunts Nio. A mystery person leaves a trail of letters asking him to visit different places which thereafter keeps linking to different secrets and mysterious events.

What are these mysteries? Who are these people behind the letters and the calls?
Follow this trio on their journey as they unleash deep-rooted secrets and attempts to unite the world to form a ‘One Country World’.

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