J. Alchem

J. Alchem is a voracious reader and a critically acclaimed author. He is the winner of several awards and accolades including Amazon Pen to Publish and The Best Author of the Year Award (2017-2018). His notable works include A Road Not Traveled, The Highway Man, and Undelivered Letters.

Love reading Quotes or Poems?

  • Pain and Writer

    A writer in pain is as blessed as a couple in rain

  • Enough

    Having you beneath the same sky is enough!

  • Writers

    Writers should measure their lives not in years, but in the moments of writing.

  • Gravity

    Can this damn gravity for once act a bit differently? Pull us toward each other without letting us know.

  • Expectations

    Don't expect much love from people. You can never have a lover like you.

  • Forever

    You smell like a home, a dream, and forever.

  • Write

    If nothing goes right, write.

  • I am mine

    I am often so absorbed in you that I forget I am mine too.

  • Memories

    There is no escape from the memories you gave. There is no escape.

  • Soul smile

    and your body will never understand why you soul doesn't smile anymore.

  • Gravity

    Scientifically, it is gravity that keeps our souls down to earth. Practically, it is love.

  • Fight

    Fight with me on Insta but tell me how much you love me on WhatsApp.

  • Ocean

    You cannot empty an ocean and a heart full of love.